My First Story is Up!

Evangelia Avloniti and Socrates Kabouropoulos, photographed at Thessaloniki’s Book Fair in May. Photo by Suma Hussien

My first story was published today on our team site! It took three days of interviews, a couple of late nights writing, some all-caps edits from Carlene, and a little help from Suma with last-minute visuals, but I’ve ultimately put together an article on how Greece’s publishing industry has been and will continue to be affected by the economic crisis.

Over the course of my reporting, I was continually struck by the dedication and resilience of those who work in the literary industry in Greece. These people truly love books, and no language barrier could prevent their passion from shining through in our conversations.

As Socrates Kabouropoulos said when I interviewed him on Friday, “It can have such value to read a book. If you go to a film, you enjoy it for two hours and that’s it….When you read a book, it can change your life, it can change your mentality, your relationships. It can have such an impact.”

When it comes to the future of the literary industry in Greece, literary agent Evangelia Avloniti is “cautiously optimistic.”

“I am completely in love with this job and that keeps me going,” she said.

Intrigued? Read more here.


Author: gschanker

I'm an aspiring science writer studying journalism and biology at Northeastern University and making my third - maybe fourth? - attempt at blogging.

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