Thessaloniki struggles to promote awareness of environmental initiatives

Here’s my latest story for our team site on recycling initiatives in Greece. It’s a topic I’m glad I got to explore while I was in Thessaloniki.

NU Journalism Abroad - Greece 2017

Recycling and trash bins like these, photographed in a residential area of Thessaloniki, can be found on nearly every corner throughout the city.
Photo by Gwendolyn Schanker

Story by Gwendolyn Schanker ·

THESSALONIKI, Greece – Large plastic blue bins dot the streets of Thessaloniki, intended for citizens to dispose of their plastic, paper and aluminum. The ubiquitous – and often chock-full – receptacles signify rising awareness of recycling initiatives, but Greece still has a long way to go in embracing environmental awareness.

The EU has set a goal of recycling 50 percent of household waste by 2020. According to theEuropean Environment Agency, only 19 percent of municipal waste was recycled in Greece in 2014, the last year for which data are available. That number has risen by nearly 10 percent over the last decade, but is still low when Greece is compared to other European countries: For example…

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